Floor Scales
Low Profile Floor Scale

Carbon Structural Tubular Steel Design with Anti-Skid Diamond Deck Plate Factory Mutual Approved, Water Resistant,   Environmentally Protected Load Cells
Two Part Polyurethane Paint100% End and Side Loadingssfloor.gif (5036 bytes)
Adjustable Leveling Feet Capacities from 1,000lbs to 40,000lbsPlatform Sizes from 2' X 2' to 8' X 10'
Custom Sizes are Available
3 to 5 Year Warranties Available

Flexure Floor Scale

Handles Abusive Conditions such as Shock-Loading afxb.gif (9085 bytes)

nd Extreme Motion High Strength Steel Flexure Plates for Fulcrum and Load Points Flexure 
Side Checks to Maintain Alignment at all times Unique Load Cell Mount Design Prevents Shock Loading to the Load Cell
 Single Environmentally Protected Load Cells with 20ft of Cable Capacities from 500lbs to 30,000lbs 
Platform sizes from 18" X 24" to 8' X 10'
Custom sizes are available
5 Year Warranty Available

Low Profile Drum Scale
6900 barrel.gif (67752 bytes)

Platform Height 1.5"
Factory Mutual Approved, Water Resistant,
 Environmentally Protected Load Cells
Two Part Polyurethane Paint
100% End and Side Loading
Adjustable Leveling Feet
Built-in Ramps
Platform sizes 30" X 30"
Capacity 1,000lbs
3 Year Warranty available
Stainless Steel Construction
Portable unit with Retractable Wheels,
 Hinged Ramp and Indicator Column Attached to Base


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