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Lab Balance
Lab BalanceAdventurer Scales 

The Adventurer series includes Six models with capacity of 150 or 310 g, Ideal for general laboratory, industrial and educational applications requiring multiple weighing modes, Simple to use, an economical way to weigh with precision

Lab Balance1

Lab Balance3

TRIPLE BEAM BALANCE A classic weighing instrument. Accurate and rugged, the triple beam offers 610 gram weighing capacity (2610g. with attachment weights) and 0.1 gram sensitivity with convenience of a top loading balance.  This balance can virtually weigh anything.
Lab Balance4
With a choice several different models featuring weighing pans for color mixing (inks and dyes), reagent preparation, food products and small animal weighing are made easy.  They're also the balance of choice for the classroom experiments.  Sensitivity and durability are achieved by advanced metallurgy and precision tooling.  These balances are rugged enough to deliver accurate, dependable results year after year. All Ohaus Triple Beam Balances are backed with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty. 


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