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Truck Scale
What are the points to consider when buying a truck or railroad scale?
  • a. Scale loading and usage.
  • b. The possibility of lightning and water/moisture damage.
  • c. The wisdom of eliminating all electronics from under the weighbridge.
  • d. The absolute need for obtaining the very best warranty. Find the manufacturer with the best warranty and insist that all others match the warranty.

  • e. The selection of a highly qualified authorized scale dealer.
  • f. Quality of the manufacturer - 
  • g. Strongly consider stainless steel load cells ... and a quality stainless such as type 304 or 316.
  • h. Consider the cost of maintenance and upkeep. The least expensive scale is not always the least expensive long term. "Pay a little more now or pay a lot more later."

If you follow the above dictates, you have taken a major step toward assuring yourself of selecting the best truck scale for your needs ... and years of reliable service                         Track.bmp (168150 bytes)

A truck scale systems represents a significant capital investment; however, initial price should not be the only consideration. Maintenance, force major, warranty, relocation, life-expectancy, etc. should be given due consideration. A properly sized and installed truck scale can give 20+ years of use. An additional up front cost may save many thousands over the useful life of the scale.


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