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Apartment Living Room Design Ideas

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An apartment is smaller than a home, so of course you need to smartly arrange your room to meet your need in the most comfortable way possible. It is not rare to contemplate how to make it look tidy and gorgeous at the same time when the space is barely there. Thus, you need to look at the following apartment living room design ideas to get how the thing gets done. Why is the living room the priority? It is because the living room is the front face of your place. It is the place when you let your guest come over. That is why it has to be the one which gives nice impression of the owner. After all, the condition of your home at some point reflects who you are.

White Minimalist Apartment Living Room

The current trend of home interior is the modern yet minimalist interior. The color of the modern aspect is white and that is why the following apartment living room décor is dominated by the shade of white colors.

The first interior uses white almost on every corner of the room. The sofa, the wall, the curtain, the window, and the TV table are all in white color. To made it not monotone, the floor is covered by white wooden flooring. Although the color is white, since the material is made of wood, there is a hint of brown wood there. The brown color than is emphasized by the color of the coffee table. At this point, since the room is dominated by stark white, the coffee table somehow becomes the attention of the room. Aside from the coffee table, the contrast of white color is found to be the black TV. To give a different accent to the stark white room, black, cream, and brown cushions made of fur and leather are put as the companion of the sofa.

While the previous interior focuses on the domination of white color, this one combines the neutral colors, which are white and gray. Both of them don’t dominate, and they are accented in the room together. Various shades of gray are applied as the colors of the living room rug, sofa, and cushions, and the wooden flooring. Meanwhile, white color is used as the background of gray, as the color of the wall, the shelves, and the coffee table.

Apartment Living Room Design Inspiration

The following apartment living room decorate is not able to be applied in all room condition since it depends on the room size. However, should you take these as references and apply them to how you want your apartment living room to look.

This interior maintains the modern look by combining brown wooden furniture and white colored wall. The chosen shelves are also good since it doesn’t look necessarily crowded in the room. Above the shelves, various things such as room decoration pieces can be put on. It also can be used to put stereo or DVD player and the like.
Get creative and combine the look in these apartment living room design ideas to make yours be the most comfortable and gorgeous looking.

There are many small apartment living room ideas that can make your home feel more spacious. One way to do this is to add large pieces of furniture, such as a coffee table or end table, and use bright, bold colors to create an upbeat environment. The colors you choose should be bold enough to stand out but not overwhelming so that your apartment looks clinical and nothing interesting happens in it.

You don’t need much in the way of decoration to create a great living room and a comfortable place to live. Large pieces of furniture and wall art are perfect for giving your small apartment living room ideas some pizzazz. This can really make a difference and make a big difference in the look of your space. If you have little furniture or wall art and lots of large pieces of furniture, your space will seem crowded and cluttered. And this is never a good thing.

To give your living room decor a more upbeat feel, think about bright colors. Choose colors that are vibrant and stimulating. Bright colors will make a small space feel larger and more inviting. Throw pillows with brightly colored designs on them are perfect for giving your space a bright, cheerful feel.

A couch with an Ottoman is an ideal piece of furniture for using as a focal point for your small apartment living room ideas. Having an Ottoman allows you to put your feet up when you want to read the newspaper or work on your laptop. You might even consider an Ottoman that doubles as a bookcase if you own one. With a few throw pillows on top of your couch, your living room decor will instantly become cozy and inviting.

If you have a smaller living room, you might also consider placing a coffee table in your living room. Place your coffee table against a wall, so that it matches the color of your walls. Or, you may wish to use it as a secondary focal point. For your small apartment living room ideas, place candles on the table or dress it with some throws.

If you have a large living space, you can always use a sofa as your primary focus. You can place a few chairs around the sofa and use accent rugs to pull the look together. You can even make a pullout couch out of spare bedroom furniture. This will be the centerpiece of your apartment, and something that people can use often. A sofa and chairs with a coffee table are the perfect combination for your Apartment living room design ideas.

Small Living Room Ideas with TV

Decorating a small living room using TV accents can be very challenging for a novice decorator. A small living room typically needs to be multifunctional without looking too cluttered. This type of room can sometimes be a mismatch with large, bulky TV stands, coffee tables, and sofa pieces. However, it’s important in a small living room to effectively utilize vertical space and streamline your existing furniture. The following ideas will help you achieve the look you want in your space without going broke.

Since most small living rooms are awkward, you’ll want to use a TV as a main focus. If your living room is large, you can put your TV up against a wall or in the corner. You may also want to consider a TV stand or entertainment center. As with traditional living rooms, consider the TV’s layout when choosing furniture pieces. You may want to have TV stands on both sides of your TV, so you can easily switch screens.

Your TV should be the focal point of your small living room. Consider your TV’s dimensions, so you know what type of furniture to purchase. If you’re decorating on a budget, you might consider fabricating your TV’s frame from scratch. Fabricating a TV case is easier if you already own furniture for the purpose.

When using TV accents in your small living room, consider your walls. Mural posters in a metal frame are perfect for accenting a TV stand or entertainment center. Hang a small wall mural on one wall in your small living room. Another option would be to paint a big mural on one wall. Make sure your wall is at a comfortable height for viewing TV.

Wall art is another popular small living room idea. A large piece of framed artwork is the perfect addition to any living room. Choose framed artwork that coordinates with your TV’s color or theme. Artistic paintings are great choices to hang over a TV as they are easy to clean and maintain. The frame of your artwork can be made out of wood or glass, and most come in a variety of sizes.

TV is by far one of the most important accessories for your home. It serves many functions, from entertainment to decorating. Use these small living room ideas with TV to make your living rooms more attractive. Consider hanging a TV screen and mounting a few wall or frame art pieces for a unique look.

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