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Modern Apartment Kitchen Design for Spacious and Small Room

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Decorating an apartment is not easy, but it’s certainly not difficult if you know how. The key is to know how large is your apartment and how much of what you need can fit inside. Since the basic of living quarters are bed, bath, and eat, the last will require a place to make food at. And that is kitchen. Although having kitchen is necessary, but it isn’t an absolute one like a bedroom and a bathroom, thus why it can be limited into certain space. These references of modern apartment kitchen design will help you to manage a kitchen look in an apartment. Consider your space and take your pick.

Spacious Open Kitchen for Spacious Apartment

The first choice emphasizes on leaving quite a room to make it feel vast. The key to this particular one of modern kitchen apartment interior design ideas is the pick of the kitchen island and kitchen cabinet. The space between the island and the cabinet are not far and the cabinet is only on one side of the wall without forming a U or L forms. Although this interior is for a spacious apartment, having a separate dining room is just a waste of space. Once again, a spacious apartment is not as generous as a spacious home. That is why the dining room is replaced by kitchen island instead. Since this interior emphasizes the vastness, white color is chosen to dominate to make it look spotless.

The next interior is one of modern apartment kitchen ideas which suits for apartment with more generous space. However, this one is also the same with the previous on the emphasizing the vastness of the room. It is apparent from the kitchen cabinet only on one side of a wall. The cabinet’s design is also unique to maintain the space it requires. The combination of brown, red, and white just emphasizes the modern and contemporary look of this kitchen interior.

Small Modern Apartment Kitchen

If your apartment room is not as generous with space, you can adapt or take inspiration from open kitchen designs in small apartments below.
This interior picks the corner of the room as the spot for the kitchen. A tiny kitchen cabinet is placed right on the corner with the table for eating right across it. There is also a rack installed above the eating table. This rack can be used to store various things which are needed to be taken in and out frequently, such as wine. A contemporary look is also added by the long, big three light bulbs right above the table.

The next small kitchen interior is even smaller than the previous. It is only around 2 meters long that only consists of two stoves and a sink. The cabinet above it is enough to put the utensils essentials. Although this kitchen is tiny, it looks real tidy with fixture lights above the stoves and beside the cabinet. The placement of the kitchen is in the wall, so it won’t be visible from the side, which makes it even tidier. This is the best bet for modern apartment kitchen design in a small space.

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